Tree Guy Mushrooms

We are proud to announce Tree Guy Mushrooms as a sister company to Nartowicz Tree Service! We started this journey at the beginning of 2023 and have learned so much and been able to use trees in a more beneficial and sustainable way. Trees are amazing, but mother nature always has her say. When a tree has become a danger to your property due to storm damage or it has grown too big for the space it was planned, it must come down. We use every bit of any tree we take down for any reason, and now we have added making substrate to grow mushrooms into our catalog of products. We use the sawdust from our Sawmill at Nartowicz Tree Service and we make sawdust spawn and then we use the woodchip we create to make outdoor mushroom beds We have had the pleasure of teaming up with a few local companies and we have a system that uses their coffee ground in our substrate to make a perfect environment for the mycelium and helps them grow into their big bountiful clusters, thanks to that extra nitrogen. Growing food outdoors the way we do provides us with a way to be as sustainable on natural resources as possible. When there is not an option for that, our company strives to use reusable glass or multi-use plastics, as with our fruiting buckets. We use 5-gallon and smaller plastic buckets to grow our mushrooms and once they have used up all the resources in the bucket, we empty them back to the earth in our log yard, clean and sterilize the containers, and start the process over. Ever thought about growing mushrooms at home? You have come to the right place to get started on your own adventure. We currently have logs and buckets for sale.